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The Astounding Revolution of Truth has begun!

Author: greedodies from United States

This most excellent documentary explores the REALITY of the multiple flaws that mainstream Science feeds society as fact. This documentary exposes the TRUTH of manipulation by intimidation of Pseudoscience and the very powerful entities behind those that would say its all real. We have obviously been raised in an age of deception and manipulation by the Elites that control the banks and government. Now it is revealed to us that those same Elites control what we are educated to believe is factual by SCIENCE. Scientism is a REALITY! In this documentary the truth is revealed about the Religion (Scientism) that poses as something else. The truths revealed in this collection of brilliant factual reports show us all that not only is the Bible more accurate than most Scientific theories concerning our reality but also that those feeding the LIES that pose as truth have been conspiring to deceive mankind for over 500 years. Wake up and watch this film or don't and remain in the dark. A MUST SEE FOR ALL THAT HAVE CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS!

Great Show

Author: ppaxton-15106 from United States

Robbie and staff have out done themselves. This documentary help open the eyes of the lost and those still trapped in a text book mentality. We swim in a sea of lies that we were born into. Robbie throws a life preserver to all those willing to reach out and grab it. It covers everything from A to Z. Guest Speakers are a prefect match for this documentary. All of which can be sourced out. It also go to show how ridiculous most if not all main stream "science professors" are. Once one comes off the kool-aid, a clear picture comes into focus. Screen shots are a work that help keep ones focus, but not over barring that take away from what is being said. There is enough in here to keep the beginner seeking for hours. Two thumbs up from watchmanmadpax! So kick back, grab a pen and paper. And welcome to the real realm. All Glory to Our Father which is in Heaven!

High Recommend, moves at a good pace and is full loaded

The top minds in FE come together to create a presentation that will change your mind about the way scientific ideas are used to mislead the public.

Author: April Moore from United States

This is no amateur production. The visual images and soundtrack are impressive - thoughtfully chosen - and they work exceedingly well together. The no nonsense approach to the subject of scientism takes the viewers quickly into the dichotomy of big bang - or creator - which cannot be harmonized. In presenting scientism, we hear from some of the most brilliant minds in flat earth research today - and they speak plainly and from the heart. It is easy to see how these men of science quickly made the distinction between good old fashioned scientific method and scientism. I'm FE - and a movie enthusiast. This is one of those films that will prove an important film - in flat, and in mainstream - in the decades to come.

Excellent documentary exposing the lies in all our textbooks

Author: Richard Källberg from London, England

This documentary does a fantastic job of breaking down many of the lies we've been indoctrinated with since childhood, to fill a necessary void in the truth community.

Few studies have captured the bigger picture of "scientism" in quite so much depth as this. It provides a coherent view, and answers the "why" just as much as the "how", to give viewers a clear view of what is going on in the world.

Please note that although there is a Christian-theme, don't let that deter you if you're a non-believer, as this documentary is more about presenting a true view of the world - based entirely on observable scientific facts - than pushing a religious agenda.

So much wisdom !!!

Author: vromerone from LOS ANGELES, CA.

This is an excellent film that exposes the lies the world has taught to you and me since entering into school and in all media forms. Anyone that dares to oppose or even question "scientism" which is basically theory, as not being absolute fact, is looked at as some type of "conspiracy" theory nut case! This film excellently exposes the lies put forth by the hidden Lucifarian elite to keep the masses enslaved in a demonic matrix, known as the world!!! Everything in the "world matrix" is designed to separate you and me from our creator, God! This mass hoax has been put forth to keep any and all from Jesus Christ! The ultimate purpose is to waste our time, living in a virtual reality, chasing and fighting for virtual things that are only temporary! Wasting our time and damning our eternal souls to spend an eternity in Hell with the final destination, the Lake of Fire! Anyone believing the truth is seen as an fundamental nut case. That's the goal of the matrix. This film wonderfully and systematically exposes this lie!

Explains that not everything called science is indeed science

Author: mrstrishalawrence from United States

We are told that if certain statements are made by certain people, we can not argue against such statements. As if there were no other valid observations other then those given. This video does a good job of exposing the difference between science which can be observed and proved and therefore trusted to be true, and a philosophy of scientism which is truly a belief system that is used to interpret what we see, feel and sense. It is a great film to get you to look at the "why" behind the theories put forth by those who claim they have the proof, with out providing the actual proof. Watch the film with an open mind as to "do they have an agenda?" and if so, "why?"

Christians, start questioning what you know!

Author: jibriakilw

This documentary will force Christians to reexamine their belief systems, and even their doctrine. God asked Job a serious question (38:4). The question will be poised to you, also. It may even put in check covert blasphemous and vain views you may not even know you possess. And, before you utter the words, "How dare you...", watch the film in which time, effort, and attention to detail was invested. Then, ask yourself, "Where do I really stand with God's Word?"; "Is it just allegorical truth, conflicting truth, or is it Truth?" If you are not a Christian; then, dare to watch with open mind, with your conceptions (pre- and mis-) suspended. This production is an announcement that a quiet renaissance is occurring within religion; if you hear rumbling; then, you're too late, the avalanche is upon you.

The Cornerstone

Author: truscotty from USA

What is Scientism? This is a question we all need to be asking ourselves, whether we be Christians or not. How does it affect our life, our worldview, our beliefs? This film addresses not only how it does affect us but how much it affects everything we think we know about the world. It's hard to wrap our minds around the level of deception and lies that has been woven around us since we've been born through the religion of pseudo-science and it's belief system, thus creating our realities for us. Lies built upon lies built upon lies until our very foundation is standing upon sinking sand instead of the immovable rock of Jesus. This film reveals those lies in such a way that it becomes undeniable. If you have not yet come to these realizations then this film might be very uncomfortable for you as it cuts through all the deception and gets right to the core of the Truth of God's Word and what our foundations are really built upon. Truth is not always easy to hear. Highly, highly, highly recommended!

The Real Truth

Author: tunaonrye-91905

Excellent revealing of the lies of the religion of Scientism and revealing of the word of God as truth. If you still trust science after this movie...God help you. This movie brings forth and exposes many of the priests of this new religion as a bunch of paid actors and authors who hate God and have no intention of speaking the truth. It exposes NASA and it's lies... from the lies of the moon landing and the it's lies about the cosmos. You will find that this movie also exposes all of the lies about the shape and configuration of the place we live and how it contradicts the biblical account of the creation God gave in the bible. All in all a fantastic watch...don't miss it.

Great Documentary

Author: flatearther from San Diego

This is a must see for all who question the the so called, authority on how we see and understand our world. WONDERFUL film. You out did yourselves on this one. Thank you for sharing the truth. There is no doubt secret societies run this world. People are slowly waking up to this reality of lies that surround our everyday lives. The Main stream media is owned and used for propaganda to help continue their theory of revolution and this globe they say we live on yet none of it can be measurable in reality. We have been hypnotized and manipulated into believing there pseudoscience, CGI ,lies. I hope one day civilization or at least a larger part of society become aware of these things. Slowly we are and its because of people like you guys who make great documentaries that confront these lies. Open your minds people. People can be easily lied to and pursued-ed For who ever reads this that is interested,Please throw away your TV and do a little honest research and you will find your selves in the same mind set we are all in. Thank you guys: Director: Robbie Davidson Stars: Richard Hopkins, Daniel Johnson, Kevin Johnston | See full cast & crew »

For those with the willing eyes to see and ears to hear!

Author: osiyeza from United States

You need to be ready to drop any preconceived information you think you know and view this film like you are in a classroom learning for the first time. This will take you on a journey behind that curtain into the realm of pure truth without all the fluff and filler that we have been feasting on since childhood. An exam for your brain to be able to receive the information you are given without holding on to a uniformed bias, freeing yourself from the clutter of lies and connecting you to what your soul truly craves. This film is a testament to what we all are searching for deep down , the purpose and the why's . It has the potential of shaking you awake from your tired perspectives and turning it to a new way of viewing your life ,....if you will let it . Are you ready to take that quest ? Ephesians 1

Great Research and Presentation

Author: toomanyironscarter from United States

The intro is a bit long, but well done. This piece of work is very well put together. It uses logic and fact to present well-explained arguments supporting the film's ideas. Good production qualities and enjoyable to watch. Information is well-researched and ideas well supported. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to learn the truth about the false religion of Scientism which is being forced down the throats of the public. Scientism is also being swallowed whole by mainstream 'Christianity' as fact when in truth it undermines their beliefs. The film exposes the falsehoods that we are all exposed to daily, and thus is an important tool in our kit to fight deception.

I will share a couple of points about the content of the film

Author: Jim Wells from United States

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For so long, churches have tried to find compatibility with science, often to the point of giving away far too much with respect to what God's word teaches. Feeling the pressure, Pastors and teachers have bent over backwards to show Christianity isn't living in the dark ages, but is completely in agreement with so much of what science tells us is "fundamental truth." But I think we have given too much away. This film does an excellent job on several fronts:

1) Encourages believers to stand boldly for what God's word actually says, and not to cave in to what is falsely called "science" 2) Defines the difference between scientism and science 3) Clearly demonstrates how science has left its true station to pursue "vain imaginations"

More than likely, some, if not many of your suppositions about what you have been taught in school or documentaries will be challenged. But if you're willing to listen with an open mind, God may just bless your socks off! In fact, I have no doubt He will.

Well-crafted and provocative

Author: Henrik Larsson from Sweden

A documentary that questions the essence of our Earths reality.

With a Christian world-view the director Robbie Davidson sets out to challenge the "Scientism" of our modern world, which after you've watched the documentary, is explained to have started a long time ago. When saying "Scientism" he's referring to the theoretical science which have no actual proofs(except in mathematical equations) but are purely speculative. And the speculative with a lot of propaganda has taken over the observable and rational science which we can test, see, hear and smell. The Christian backdrop is very prevalent, but you should let the ideas and proofs speak for them self. Scary for most, but i dare you.

A good film with a lot of "upsetting" views to the mainstream world of today. Very well done with this small budget.

Cheers and peace!


A Masterpiece Document

Author: arwoods-24365 from Canada

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I found this documentary was very inspiring and full of information that was carefully researched, with amazing truth that will challenge people to really search for the truth themselves. Ultimately, it took studying, passion, a love for mankind, and mostly, a love for God to bring inspiration to develop a documentary with such precision and detail. God's hand was guiding them every step of the way to create a masterpiece. A masterpiece that shows His love for mankind and how much He wants people's eyes to be opened up to the truth. God's word. His book of guidance in life that brings nothing but truth. I pray people see how much God loves them, to see His truth, and walk away from the deception that has been taught to them through the years. God loves you to much to see you perish, that He is using His children to show His truth, love and grace. He made you in such a passionate way out of His love for you. It has inspired me to keep pushing forward in what we know is true. All of His Chidren have a calling to serve Him, so others will accept His gift. The gift of eternal life. Will you push forward in what God has called you to do. If you are unsure of what this is....pray about it, ask Him. He will guide you, give you wisdom and grace to move forward. Rob and Rachel are an amazing example of obedience, courage, and love for God. They do this out of their love for Him as He has given them a heart for people to get to know God. They do not do this to just prove scientists wrong. They do this because they want people to have the knowledge to know what is truth. This inspires me to do the same. To not fear man, science, slander, judgment.....but to do this because God is our father in whom we love so dearly, and we want you all to have a personal relationship with Him. Thank you Rob, Rachel and team for being an amazing example in what we need to stand for. It is time my friends. Will you get on the boat that you are invited in with open arms....or will you miss the ship. I hope not? Let us follow this example of courage and love. It is time to wake up!


wonderfully informative wake up call

Author: handsome113 from nyc

wake up people we are being lied to everyday.. watch this very interesting movie and spread the word!! Earth Is Flat and Geocentric! * What if there has been an agenda to keep people from the Truth of God? What if everything modern day science has taught you about your origins is wrong? Make no mistake; the very foundation of all of mankind's knowledge depends on what is believed to be the Truth about the Origin of all that exists. Scientism Exposed is the long-awaited documentary film uncovering the spiritual agenda and deception with the scientific worldview that many teach today as proved truth and fact. Do you believe in billions or do you believe in the Bible?


A Must SEE

Author: pastorboygolden from United States

This Documentary is very powerful. If you question the validity of scientific theory and how forceful those who support it are, then you must see this. If you believe in the Word of God, and have struggled with science, this is a must see. The men and women who are in this documentary are very insightful. These people have worked long and hard to learn all that they know, and now they share their wisdom and insight with you. The Church needs to see this and hear the facts. The graphics are top notch, and the editing is very well done. Truth, real truth is available to everyone, you all just need to see it and hear it. Heck, this is a must see just because it is good.


Will challenge you to Question what you believe

Author: chadlaneriley from United States

I highly recommend this film. Robbie Davidson and Brian Mullins will force you to question what you believe, and why? Most people blindly exalt Scientific News without basis, research, or even pouring over the actual data. If it it goes against scripture, challenge, and test it. Romans 3:4 let God be true, but every man a liar. This film examines the people, there theologies, and personal beliefs. You will know many of the names of the academia, but you might be surprised what they actually believed. Not to mention the agendas that are behind what they are trying to present as solid science. Nothing is what it seems, not even in Science. Welcome to the new religion called Scientism. Now peel back the layers and see it exposed for what it truly is.


Christian vs Science vs Scientism.

Author: darthtubby from United States

One of the BETTER Christian view documentaries out there. WELL worth the watch! Shows a well thought out argument against "Scientism" in a Pro Christian view. Science in itself is not necessarily bad but "Scientism" can be, as it becomes a religion of it's own.

Shows solid evidence in favor of what the film is trying to convey. It also goes deeper than the typical religion vs science arguments that have been around for ages. Brings a new look at understanding scripture if one is not already familiar the the views.

I like the way it moved and flowed. The music, artwork and SPFX / CGI was all very good.


Most Excellent Documentary Exposing The False Religion Of Scientism, While Concurrently Proclaiming The Truth Of God's Word, The Bible.

Author: robertfoertsch from United States

Many people are unaware that there is a multifaceted control program in the world today that is holding much of humanity captive in a prison they don't even know exist, in their mind. Many well meaning people perpetuate this deception, while the believing they are sharing the truth. The irony of deception is that the deceived individual doesn't know it, and sees themselves as enlightened individuals helping others find the truth. Exposing the lies and sharing the truth in this world today is very challenging and quite unpopular with many. I am very thankful for the tremendous resource that Scientism Exposed is, in the battle to set the captives free, utilizing the powerful technologies of social media and cinematography to share The Truth to the ends of the Earth... Most excellent Documentary exposing the false religion of Scientism, while concurrently proclaiming The Truth Of God's Word, The Bible.

Robert Foertsch


This film will change your life , if you dare to look further into what is presented

Author: Paul Cofo from New Zealand

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The saying goes that the greatest trick the devil ever did was to convince the world that he did not exist, Scientism Exposed will show you that in fact the greatest trick the devil continues to perpetuate is to convince the world that GOD does not exist. This film succinctly places before you the arguments that Scientism ( NOT SCIENCE ) is a religion created by man , blindly followed and accepted in every facet of our every day lives to deceive us as to our true nature. Extremely well produced and stunningly edited with clear narration, Scientism Exposed takes you on a journey through the ages of man and demonstrates how today's modern view of our world and universe has been carved with selective historical narratives to fit an agenda of control and manipulation spoon fed to each of us generation after generation.We are not insignificant creatures on an insignificant planet hurtling through an ever expanding Cosmos, we are more, much much more. Watch, learn wonder and be curious.


The Truth will set you free

Author: samtrovaum from United States

The flat Earth truth has been revealed. Scientism is a fanatical sun worshipping religion built on mathematical pseudoscience which has its origins in the Mystery Schools of Babylon. HELIOS-centrism is a philosophy based on the sun-god Helios. It's not science, folks! It's all made up to hide God and make us think we are random specs of dust.

Quoting "Terra Firma" by David Wardlaw Scott: "The system of the Universe, as taught by Modern Astronomers, being founded entirely on theory, for the truth of which they are unable to advance one single real proof, they have entrenched themselves in a conspiracy of silence, and decline to answer any objections which may be made to their hypotheses. Copernicus himself, who revived the theory of the heathen philosopher Pythagoras, and his great exponent Sir Isaac Newton, confessed that their system of a revolving Earth was only a possibility, and could not be proved by facts. It is only their followers who have decorated it with the name of an 'exact science', yea, according to them, 'the most exact of all the sciences'. Yet one Astronomer Royal for England once said, speaking of the motion of the whole Solar system: 'The matter is left in a most delightful state of uncertainty, and I shall be very glad if any one can help me out of it.' What a very sad position for an 'exact science' to be in is this!"



Great work

Author: Dilly Gill from United Kingdom

This is the type of film you will either love or hate. Me, I loved it and I hope people come to see that scientism has become a tool for the ruling classes to justify the excesses and evil they want to do whilst also baiting the average Joe into searing his own conscience.

For so long the spiritual life has been under the microscope and the proponents of scientism have had a free pass as their eye witness testimony has been beyond reproach.

The fact they are operating a faith based system and the logical conclusions of what they believe have been missed in the common mans eagerness not to feel accountable to God. Now however people are waking up to the reality that life is more mysterious than we have been told and that fraud and misrepresentation of the evidence is rampant amongst those whos abundance of trade is scientism.

I never realised just how much the view of my existence is based on the 'eye witness testimony' of NASA and the like. I was so used to defending the spiritual life I never thought to question (beyond a certain level, I thought creationism was the bottom line) the establishment. Well worth a watch and know NASA are forked tongue liars. Their eye witness testimony needs to be thrown out of the court of your mind in your search for truth.


Looks at life's most important realizations

Author: eftupworld from Minnesota, USA

This film looks at some of the most important subjects for anyone to consider when it comes to human origin. The Big Bang theory is looked at with logic, as well as Creation. The world we were raised in told us what we see. It is apparent that much of the time observations made and experiments done result differently than what we were taught. Scientism is something that seems to be a team sport, or a belief. Our physical world is so complex and it is important to develop a realistic outlook on the spiritual aspect and its seriousness. It matters how we came to be humans upon this beautiful earth. If you are questioning anything at all, there are clear answers in the Word of God. This film covers some of the most crucial information when it comes to one's eternity. Don't miss it!



Author: Darrin Lees from Australia

this documentary exposes all the lies of modern day science. if you want to see the truth and are fed up with all the bs, you need to do yourself a favor and watch this. its that good. it'll change your life. and im not joking. Do you really believe you live where you think you live? do you believe you live on a spinning sphere? do you believe gravity is your god? if so you need to see this. because everything you know is a lie. do you believe in space? what if space is not real? that's right. space might not be real. I've done 2500 hours research on this. just trying to get any single proof of the globe. but i couldn't do it. the proof just inst there for the globe. its just a belief they forced down us from the age of 3. then all the space shows, star wars all that, and at the start of movies u see the globe. but uve never seen it from that point of view. you should question it. there is no proof for it. 10/10 watch it today!!


Let's get the truth out there!

Author: lvegh-624-803635 from Michigan

I was so happy to see something like this professionally done to get the word out how we have been lied to. There is a major deception that the world at large, and the church, are blind to. I encourage everyone to watch it, but particularly if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, and the truth of God's word. Watch, listen, pay attention, and learn! It's time to get the truth out there! The body of Christ has had blinders on... they need to come off! Open your Bibles and pray for wisdom! Look what scientism "teaches" you, and then compare to God Word! It's time for the truth to be spread far and wide. It's time to stand up for God's word.



Author: AdamSalaah from United States

This movie is chock full of evidence supporting the facts: *There is a difference between Science & Scientism *Many "Scientists" today are actually just theorists who have abandoned cold hard science. *They have turned their theories into an atheistic religion

On the other hand... Science is observable, testable, and repeatable. And amazingly, science supports the Bible! This movie goes into the history of how we got to this point with scientism and reveals the truth on many matters concerning it. Robbie Davidson pulled his connections to get some of the brightest individuals from the YouTube community including Brian Mullin from the famed, "Balls Out Physics". Together they present the facts in an enjoyable and visually pleasing manner. You'll definitely enjoy it!


Wonderfully done!

Author: pjrentie from United States

Wow! Very well written, and professionally produced. When it comes to videos of a "religious" theme (for lack of a better word), you usually end up viewing something poorly put together, and in the end seems contrived, condescending, and empty. This video, on the other hand, ranks up there with the best in the secular world, and has a good message! The author has really done his homework and presents thoughts and ideas that break the traditional dogma that we as Christians have come to be stuck in! This movie is refreshing, and causes you to re-evaluate your world view as a believer. I love it! By the way, concerning the "gap theory". If you're trying to use it to justify dinosaurs, cavemen, and billions upon billions of years of pre-history; you're barking up the wrong tree. It's best used for establishing exactly when the earth appeared during the creation, and it's ultimate significance compared to the rest of the universe.


If you don't challenge your own beliefs or question your worldview, how will you know you are correct?

Author: Kevin Boudreau from Canada

From birth, we're raised and educated by our parents, school, books, TV, internet. We often don't question what we're taught in our early age. As we grow we become emotionally attached to those beliefs and if anyone remotely suggests it may not be true, we immediately reject it. It's an emotional response. Rarely do we consider that we could actually be wrong. Or perhaps, rarely do we consider the possibility of those whom we've perceived to be the authority on knowledge and truth to be wrong.

Our school system is a small part education and a large part indoctrination. It can teach us what to think but not how to think.

As adults, we should all reach a point where we should be questioning what we've been told to believe. However other than errors or lack of knowledge, why would the knowledge taught be wrong? Why would be be intentionally deceived?

Aren't we just an insignificant organism which evolved from slime?

Isn't this all backed by science?

No. It's backed by "scientism". Scientism is the political religious pseudo science used to push beliefs upon people without any real scientific explanation or quite often a working theory. We've been taught more scientism than science throughout our lives. It's time to cut through the web of deceit and get to the truth. You owe this to yourself.

So, if we're not an accident... or insignificant... that means... (GASP)!


We're been lied to for much to long, learn the truth! Starting with this movie!

Author: Golden Kimono from United States

Scientism Exposed Documentary Film is thought provoking and very well made. It truly makes you think about things in a different way. As a Christian, I found it to be very scripturally accurate. If you take away all the "maybe's" "could be's " and 'perhaps", along with the "millions" and "billions" necessary for 'scientism' to work, you can see things in a new light that will truly enrich your life! If we are not a tiny dot in an ever expanding universe, then we are unique, specially created and of high interest to our Creator. Do we have one creator of all things? Is there really a God? Is the Bible true? If you examine the Bible after you watch this movie, you will find all your answers to these questions and more, right in your Bible. We've been lied to for far too long, and it's up to our generation to change that, starting now! I encourage you to take the time, and to honestly leave your learned responses to the Bible at the door, and try to watch this movie with new eyes. You will be amazed at just how special YOU are and how much God loves you! He created a world, just for YOU (Us) and He wants us to know Him and His creations and enjoy them! We are not the result of some mysterious big bang, nor some alien generation. Don't be fooled and don't let them keep lying to you! Research, learn, and this movie is a great place to start!


"The Strong Delusion" is coming>>>

Author: calmcrash from Toronto

This is not only the best film of 2016 but also one of the most important films of your lifetime. Break the veil! We are born into The Rebel Alliances Luciferian matrix of lies. This a psychological war on humanity that has been subtly & very patiently weening us into an end game, "The Strong Delusion". Real Biblical Creation annihilates the Delusion in ONLY 1 quick & swift blow!

I highly recommend everyone who is struck by this epiphany to spread this to everyone you know! Please spread this especially to the sleeping church leaders, radio shows & social media that needs a wake up call to the reality of what is coming down as our saviors & spiritual guides.

Not only will they present themselves enlightened spiritual beings but also The Physical Invasion of the Nephilim Hybrids ("As in the Days of Noah") disguised as Aliens in crafts (IE: TR6-Telos aka "The Phoenix Lights") who will come ("Up on the earth") deceiving "the whole world".

Even Christians will take the mark; "fall awaying 1st", before the rapture, becoming Nephilim. Later they will "make war with the lamb" deceived as an invader & "thrown into the lake" without redemption.

THIS IS WHY IT'S IMPERATIVE! "Now go set my people free" >>>


An atheist no more

Author: dtweiss-178-939036 ( from USA

My entire life I never bought into religion or the existence of god. I participated in several religions and discounted all of them. I considered myself spiritual but believed there was no creator. When researching anything, the second they mentioned a god creator I changed the channel and discounted the info as blindly religious. Science was my god. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that my belief in science was completely destroyed when I discovered the true nature of our world we live on which can ONLY be explained with a creator. Scientism Exposed has taken all that information and laid it out for everyone to see in one sitting. If you knew me before this you would have bet your life that the words above would never have come from me. Scientism Exposed is a great gift for anyone you care about and a key to our freedom from the slave system we are currently living in.


Professional and Informative Film

Author: Jane

This film was professionally and thoughtfully produced with a lot of research behind it. Anyone with an open mind in pursuit of truth will find this film both enlightening and perhaps a catalyst in doing one's own research. Many understand the deception involving the promotion of evolution, but few understand that the doctrine of evolution itself is not the root problem. Rather there is a lie regarding the very nature of the world itself and a carefully crafted deception has been created that will lead to the final deception of humanity. The producers delineate the difference between true scientific pursuits and false scientism - the latter which has deceived much of the world. There were a lot of new information given which I was unaware of and I consider myself familiar with many aspects of the material in this film. The bottom line - question everything no matter how credible you believe the institution to be (e.g. NASA) about the nature of our world, because we have been lied to from the cradle.


Very Well Done!!!

Author: Evelyn Bowers from United States

Excellent collection of truth. Easy to watch, and understand. I shared this one everywhere I could!!

It would make an excellent introduction for someone who isn't yet awakening to the spiritual imprisonment that is abounding in this world.

So much about ourselves, our creator, and our connection to the cosmos is simply told to us, and should anyone want to explore for themselves, they're ridiculed as being too unintelligent to understand what they were told.

We've trusted science with our very souls, simply because we were told to do so.

There is truly a remarkable awakening happening right now in the world, and I'm so glad there are resources such as this to help light the way.


It's the VAXXED of science!

Author: holmesboy-51606 from Michigan, USA

Incredible work, amazing information. All 100 percent backed up scientifically and historically. This movie explains how instead of the scientific process, there is an agenda keeping us from the real knowledge gained by it. Documents of centuries of false science and theory wrapped up in the guise of truth. All of today's most famous astrophysicists are a part of a luciferian agenda to keep Gods truth hidden from humanity. We have been taught the wrong things in our schools, we've been taught and brainwashed with wrong information from the television our whole lives outside of schooling. Anyone who wants to begin their journey to truth, needs to watch this. This movie should be in every home.


Very important video!

Author: mcguirefolks from United States

Excellent video with myriads of facts exposing all the lies scientism has foisted on us. So glad we don't have to scrabble like they do in order to cover their trail of half-baked theories, ranting on and on about stupid facts that are deteriorating daily.

I've been watching Brian's YouTube videos because they're so factual and easy to understand and when I heard he was in this, I had to check it out. Thank you two for making this. It's great to have something solid and to the point to share with family and friends to hopefully wake them up. Eventually everyone will know we live on a flat earth, but it'll only happen if we open our mouths and share. Again, thank you!!!!!


We're been lied to for much too long, learn the truth! Starting with this movie!

Author: Golden Kimono from United States

Scientism Exposed Documentary Film is thought provoking and very well made. It truly makes you think about things in a different way. As a Christian, I found it to be very scripturally accurate. If you take away all the "maybe's" "could be's " and 'perhaps", along with the "millions" and "billions" necessary for 'scientism' to work, you can see things in a new light that will truly enrich your life! If we are not a tiny dot in an ever expanding universe, then we are unique, specially created and of high interest to our Creator. Do we have one creator of all things? Is there really a God? Is the Bible true? If you examine the Bible after you watch this movie, you will find all your answers to these questions and more, right in your Bible. We've been lied to for far too long, and it's up to our generation to change that, starting now! I encourage you to take the time, and to honestly leave your learned responses to the Bible at the door, and try to watch this movie with new eyes. You will be amazed at just how special YOU are and how much God loves you! He created a world, just for YOU (Us) and He wants us to know Him and His creations and enjoy them! We are not the result of some mysterious big bang, nor some alien generation. Don't be fooled and don't let them keep lying to you! Research, learn, and this movie is a great place to start!



Author: seanchristie-53013 from Cebu, Philippines

Great Documentary! In fact, one of the best I've seen to date. This truly brings to light and exposes many of the lies that science and the government have been telling the world for years. Very informative indeed! And this does a great job including all the links to respected historical teachings and their connection to modern day beliefs. A real eye opener to help connect the dots on what's really happening in this world. I thought I had heard all the view points before, but this surprised me with many new facts that I was not aware of. If you are a Christian, then this is a must see! And if you are a science believer, this is still a must see. Guaranteed to get everyone's mind thinking!


Excellent documentary, well researched and captures your attention.

Author: ( from Barcelona

Filmmaker Robbie Davidson is on the forefront, with another select few, on exposing the lies of modern science and by extension, 'space' administration NASA, whom have been deceiving the public for about 60 years and running more or less.

It's incredible how modern science has become a fragile tower of Scientism, supported by dubious and unproven theories, giving creed to speculation, theories as facts and passing off flights of fancy and CGI images as real. One can truly say that in these weird times, were are living in a matrix of lies, one that can be shattered by those who seek truth, avoid media lies and programming, and pray for discernment from our creator.


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